Exciting news!

Hi everyone!

I hope that in the next few¬†days I will have some time to post a few observations about best platforms, that I’ve used so far, to learn how to code and the introduction to this world!

But anyway… what brought me here today was the initiative, ThechPrep, that Facebook has shown the world! I will leave with the explanation video and the website! ūüôā



There are different reasons and motivations that drew me to learn how to code and become a future software developer, the main ones are the opportunity to build and see something from scratch become important and useful to other people, and the sheer joy to find solutions to problems!

If you’re like me, someone searching for a career change¬†or not,¬†I welcome you to this journey with open arms¬†and hope you will achieve your goals too!

Today I will just leave some articles that I found interesting, from crazy career changes stories that will inspire you not to settle to articles from reasons to love coding!

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