What is the goal of “Future #Coder101”? 

The goal is to share all the stuff, from online courses, to offline and online code academy’s, youtube videos and so forth, that will help me to become a future coder.

This blog is not expected to provide a kind of straightforward tutorial or online course about different programming languages but rather some sort of guidance, from mistakes and successes, over the learning curve that I will be experience myself until I can code something (considered) useful. During the process I will make the effort to post everything here!

Who are you? 

I’m a 25 old guy looking for a career change! With a short career as a renewable energy engineer, in which I had the opportunity to work in several countries over Europe, and with a constant desire to learn I got used to develop small tools (using MS Access and JIRA) to improve different kinds of processes on the companies that I worked for.

Which programming languages are you going to learn?

 At this stage I will focus on the following ones:

  • Ruby;
  • JavaScript;
  • Java;

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